The Beauty of Dissolution, the uncertain and the uninterpretableTouria Alaoui shows her exhibition “Colors of the Earth” in the Glass House

By Martin Ganzkow

DERNEBURG. The new exhibition in the Glass House welcomes visitors with large-format, friendly, Radiant Paintings in a bright and cheerful atmosphere. These are the works of Touria Alaoui from Gronau, who is showing her exhibition “Colours of the Earth” in April, which brings lightness into people’s lives. What more could you want?

The works of the artist with Moroccan roots are abstract, i.e. only color and form. Just color and shape? The titles of her paintings speak a different language. It’s about trees, wind, light, air and rivers. All of her paintings speak of movement, superimposition and interpenetration of surfaces and colours. Nothing stands still, as the philosopher Heraclitus said around 500 BC: “Everything flows”.

Flowing always means change, and that often creates fear. But not in the pictures of Touria Alaoui. It finds beauty in the dissolution, in the uncertain and the uninterpretable. Their abstraction is not of a strictly spiritual nature, i.e. pure thought, but rather art based on the infinity of nature. Not as frightening as looking through the James Webb Space Telescope, which shows the incomprehensible infinity of space. Instead, Touria Alaoui plunges into surprising worlds with warm feelings and a lot of trust.

The 3 pictures “O Air” show that air is not an empty space, but a space full of energy and power. Sometimes in front of a colorful, then turquoise and blue background, gray rings float through the picture, taking on the colorfulness of the surroundings, a cheerful tumult of atoms in infinite expanses.

The 2 pictures “Hotspot” are dominated by red areas. In biology, a hotspot is a gene in which a particularly large number of mutations occur, in society hotspots contain a high potential for conflict, and on the Internet they are a wireless access to the web. In Turia Alaoui’s work, they are places of dominance in which the power colour red plays with its surroundings, permeates and covers them.

Touria Alaoui loves the wind and her “wind paintings” are presented in a large square format: the “South Wind” with swirling coloured surfaces against a light background with a lot of lively structure. The “west wind” blows in an airy green fertile environment with golden surfaces where there is no foothold. The colors are like smells that beguile and enchant the viewer.

A wonderful composition is the picture “Light Path”. Elongated shapes, reminiscent of trees and plants, grow out of blocks and strive upwards detached and free. The colourful colourfulness has depth and heaviness, calmness in movement, silence in the endless dialogue of thoughts. To surrender to the images of Touria Alaoui is to let yourself fall and carry, not to tolerate any commitment and to enjoy the freedom.

Touria Alaoui in front of her painting “Lichtweg”

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