The works of the Franco-Moroccan artist are abstract, that is to say only color and shape. Just the color and shape? The titles of his photos speak a different language. It’s about trees, wind, light, air and rivers. All of his images reflect movement, superposition and penetration of surfaces and colors. Nothing is still, as the philosopher Heraclitus said around 500 BC: “Everything flows.

Flow always means change and this often creates fear. But not in the photos of Touria Alaoui. She finds beauty in resolution, in the unknown and the indecipherable. His abstraction is not strictly spiritual in nature, that is, pure thought, but rather an art based on the infinity of nature. Not as scary as looking through the James Webb Space Telescope, which shows the incomprehensible infinity of space. Touria Alaoui dives into surprising worlds with warm emotions and a lot of confidence.

Touria Alaoui,

born in Casablanca, French-Moroccan Studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Düsseldorf with A. R. Penck Numerous personal exhibitions and participation in exhibitions International art awards

Touria Alaoul loves the wind and her wind paintings are presented in a large square format: “Le Vent d’Ouest” with swirling colored surfaces on a light background with lots of living structure. The O blows in an airy, green and fertile environment with golden reflections. circles in which there is no stopping. Colors are like smells that seduce and enchant the viewer.

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